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About Us

The Art of Dreamin’ was Established in 2007 when my parents decided they were going to spend the month of December with us and we had no bed for them to sleep in.  My mom had a bad back so we wanted her to be as comfortable as possible but at the same time, the bed would be in a guest room that was not used often therefore, we wanted a really comfortable bed that converted to seating.  All of the sofa beds that we found had those thin mattresses and we knew that would not due so,  we came up with an idea to make 2 twin beds with a back just like a sofa which had casters on the bottom that rolled together to form a double bed.  A top layer could be added for sleeping.  

Then our artistic brains started working. We thought, why not make the headboards an art piece that could also double as a room divider for studio apartments. That’s when the Art of Dreamin’ Sleeper Sofa was born. 

As Architects we also realized that our clients many of whom had animals, housed them in conventional cages and crates which took away from our design.  So, why not make these enclosures complimentary to their design.  That’s when we came up with our artistic furniture for animals.   

 We realized that we could use the same Cad software that we use to design our Architectural Projects to make models of our furniture and have a lazer or CNC machine cut them out in varying materials.  That’s the method we use to make our headboards and panels for Aviaries and furniture.  Some of our mix media designs include the use of metal, wood, and glass.  

Top Quality Materials

We use the finest metals, aluminum, steel and wood products design our living art pieces.

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Detailed & Precision Process

Lasers and CNC machines can out the most intricate of patterns to suit our designs. 


From the first generation until present, we always keep the original handcrafted method to create the best pieces.